– Dallas County Park Cities Water Control and Improvement District No. 2 created by State of Texas at the request of the City of University Park and the Town of Highland Park to obtain a common and independent water supply. District is governed by a five member Board of Directors elected from the Town and the City.

1946 – District obtained water rights for a reservoir on Denton Creek for 50,000 acre feet of water.

1947 – District entered into agreement with U.S. Corps of Engineers for construction of a larger lake – Grapevine Lake – along with the City of Dallas, whose share would be 85,000 acre feet of water. The District’s share of the cost was $607,000.

1950 – District water treatment plant completed and began operation utilizing raw water purchased from City of Dallas until Grapevine Lake could be completed. Cost of treatment facilities, transmission mains, and storage was $4,086,000.

1952 – Grapevine Lake completed.

1954 – District began taking water from Grapevine Lake.

1973 – District converted from a Water Control and Improvement District No. 2 to a Municipal Utility District.

1982 – District entered into a temporary emergency supply agreement with the City of Dallas to supply treated water to the Town and/or the City in cases of emergency.

2004 – District engineering consultant conducted study for upgrading the treatment facilities to latest technology to meet proposed new Federal Regulations. Consultant recommended adding membrane filtration facilities.

2005 – District committed to the Town and the City that it will also address elimination of taste and odor episodes in any new treatment facilities.

2006 – District engineering consultant conducted pilot study on three micro/ultra membrane manufacturers’ filter units.

2007 – Engineering consultant preliminary design study completed and approved by the State on the use of membrane filters to treat the District’s water. Also, recommended three options to address taste and odor issues.

2009 – Design begun on membrane filter facilities and plant improvements. Construction Manager of Risk hired to manage project construction as well as be involved in design process.

2013 – Project completed and operational.