Park Cities Municipal Utilities District invests in water treatment system to sustain exceptional quality

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After completing a thorough analysis of the Park Cities water needs, including maintaining the exceptional standards residents experience today, the Dallas County/Park Cities Municipal Utilities District (MUD), concluded a State approved 12-month study to implement a membrane filtration system. Currently, the water plant meets or exceeds all of the Environmental Protection Agency requirements and holds the highest quality rating by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Environmental concerns are often a popular topic in the media. Residents can rest assured the Park Cities MUD places public safety and providing the highest quality of water as its mission critical.  A recent study conducted of emerging contaminants, concluded that the Park Cities MUD raw water source and treated water were below or non detectable by industry standards. The plant will continue its due diligence to be current on the issue and sustain its quality.

By upgrading the current facility to the state-of-the-art membrane filtration system, the plant continues to meet or exceed state and federal regulations while also delivering a “bottled water” quality product.  In addition to the membrane filtration system, granular activated carbon filters were added to continuously control odor and taste that can sometimes be an issue in the warm Texas months. The District has completed of the construction of the membrane filtration system and plant improvements in 2013. To provide the funding for the improvements, the board elected to go to the open market for the sale of $33 million revenue bonds as it had the best interest rate of 3.6%. Repayment of these bonds will be done through the District’s revenues and not taxes.  This project was the most substantial upgrade since the plant was opened in 1950. Studies indicate this important investment in the water infrastructure will allow Park Cities MUD to comply with anticipated stronger regulations for decades to come.  Both the Town of Highland Park and the City of University Park actively participated in the process and welcome forward thinking and preparation to always improve service to their citizens.

In addition to plant upgrades, Park Cities MUD put forth additional efforts to “go green” by participating in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) through a partnership with EnerNOC to conserve electrical usage during potential “brown outs.” Often Texas summers require water restrictions and the Park Cities MUD keeps a careful watch on supply and demand to meet customer’s needs.

The project was designed over 2 years by CDM Smith, Consulting Engineers. Construction on this project began in October 2010 completed in 2013. Archer Western Contractors, Inc. was the District’s Construction Manager at Risk on this project. As such, they contracted with the District for a “guaranteed maximum price not to exceed” of $33.7 million for this project. This gave the District assurance that this project would not exceed budget. The project came in under budget.